Flooring FAQ

We usually receive delivery of your flooring with 3 – 5 days of an order being placed. We are then ready to bring it with us on the day of your fitting. When you are ready to place an order we can confirm the details for the specific product of your choice.

Wooden flooring is fantastically durable – both engineered wooden flooring and solid wooden flooring can be sanded down and resealed should they start looking tired from wear and tear. But if you’d like to keep them looking shiny and new for as long as possible, we would recommend putting felt pads on the bottom of furniture legs to prevent scratches when moving chairs in and out etc. Making sure you have doormats available for people to use when they first come inside is also recommended: this helps remove grit from the bottom of people’s shoes before it scratches your flooring. 

Even when taking care to avoid spilling or marking carpet, it is inevitable that accidents will happen. Whether it’s a nose bleed, muddy shoes or spilt glass of wine, there are many ways you can get stains out of your carpet. 

Before reaching for a carpet cleaning product, the most effective option is often plain water. Why not try blotting with a clean damp white cloth as a starting point? (But be careful not to rub the stain, this can make it worse rather than better.)

These are the four steps that we recommend following when trying to remove stains from a carpet: 

  1. Remove any excess solids with a spoon or blunt knife
  2. Blot any excess liquid with a clean damp white cloth (Don’t rub!)
  3. Use a carpet stain remover on any remaining mark that water alone didn’t get out (be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and don’t use more than you need)
  4. Blot again with a clean white cloth and clean water

Common spills

Some top tips for common problem spills include: 


Don’t use warm water. Cold water will work wonders.


Harden any melted chocolate by placing ice cubes in a resealable plastic bag. You can then scrape the chocolate off the carpet with a blunt knife before hoovering any remaining crumbs. 


Let it dry before you try to get it out.

Customer satisfaction is our priority and we are always here to advise on any problems that you may occur. Please do get in touch if you have a problem with your carpet. 

Yes. We know that it’s a nightmare for home owners when your home has been damaged by flooding so we try to make things as easy as possible when this happens. 

We can inspect the damage that has been done to your property, measure the space and prepare an insurance estimate for your claim. When we have taken the measurements, assessed the extent of the flood damage to your flooring, and discussed your preferred replacement options, we will provide a full no-obligation written quotation.

Wooden flooring can last for a life time with the right care. 

Solid wood flooring is particularly long lasting as it can be sanded down and refinished repeatedly in the event of any damage or wear and tear. This means that a solid wood floor can last as long as 100 years making it a real investment purchase.

Engineered wood flooring should last for at least 25 – 30 years and up to 50 years before needing to be replaced with the right care. Keeping your flooring clean and not allowing the floor to get soaking wet will help to achieve this long lasting lifespan.

Plenty of people have never heard of LVT but have heard of Amtico and Karndean. Both are extremely good examples of luxury vinyl tiles and have their own advantages so there’s no definitive answer to the question of which is better. 

Amtico offers the most natural look whilst Karndean is typically slightly cheaper. Which one is best for you depends on what you prioritise. 

First Class Flooring offers

Free home consultation & estimates

We’ll bring a selection of flooring to your home so that you can see the appearance in situ. We’ll measure up and then provide you with a complete estimate for job with no charge and no obligation to buy. 

Experienced fitting

First Class Flooring’s fitters are all experienced fitters and we pride ourselves on being reliable, professional and courteous. Our team also have CSCS cards demonstrating their commitment to health and safety.

Fast delivery

Once you have made your decision on the flooring that’s right for your home, we will aim to get the flooring to you in 1 week. We complete the majority of fittings in 3 weeks.

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